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We start with an analysis of what is needed in the way of furnishing and interior decoration. During this phase we work out suggested solutions to meet your needs, desires and dreams. When we are familiar with your expectations and have mapped the features and potential of the space, we are ready to select suitable products for the project.

of products

Once we are clear about actual needs, it is time to pick out the products that will help achieve the final result. As a client, you can choose to give us free rein to pick out everything from furniture to accessories; or you may decide to retain some influence. Whichever approach you choose, you can rest assured that our focus will be on achieving the best possible result for your specific project.


The finished plans are presented in a clear format in the manner of a mood board, detailing everything that will go into the quote. When we present our proposed design plan, this is the time you will be able to review the entire project and suggest changes. During the presentation phase, we will give you a full explanation of the process, products, furnishing solutions and financial aspects. Once you have accepted our quote, we can draw up the order and proceed to procure the chosen items.

Fitting out

The day comes when we are ready to assemble everything and our technicians step up. Generally, it takes just one day to complete a house. If there are several homes to be furnished, we work to a carefully devised plan. The plan will be executed in cooperation with the customer, who can verify that their wishes are being fulfilled and deadlines kept. Our technicians and stylists look after all the practical aspects and ensure that your newly furnished rooms are ready to use on hand-over. Our employees have an intimate knowledge of the products that form part of our solutions. They ensure that everything is correctly assembled and that quality and uniformity characterise the entire project.
When we fit out foreign properties, we take time to investigate local conditions, so that for example the types of wall structure or electricity supply do not present a surprise.  We have in-depth experience of logistics and freight forwarding, and know the various requirements that apply in different countries.


The high point of the process is the hand-over – the project is complete and, naturally, the agreed deadline has been met. Our technicians will have checked that light bulbs are fitted in all lamps and that any packaging has been removed. They will vacuum clean; flat surfaces will have been dusted. Where required, cutlery, glasses and crockery can be washed and ready for use.
Follow-up It is very important for us that you are happy with our solutions. We will therefore be undertaking a thorough review of completed projects to ensure that your expectations have been fulfilled. As a customer, you will hear from us after you have had time to take in all the works and ensure that the solution functions satisfactorily.


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