Case studies / Frifeldt

Frifeldt builds summer cottages. IDdesign Project provides the company with furniture packages for various types of houses, enabling end clients to purchase the finished house with everything included. We and Frifeldt are keen to ensure that the buyer feels they have obtained a total solution, with no stone left unturned.

Our technicians always make a special effort to ensure that the details are all part of a well-devised plan: furniture has been picked out with a view to rental wear and tear; drawers and cupboards have the requisite cutlery and crockery, light bulbs have been fitted into lamps and curtains or blinds hung. The customer should always find a comfortable, serviceable house with all their needs catered for.

Flemming Rasmussen, Director of Frifeldt:

"There is growing interest on the part of clients to purchase a turnkey solution with everything included in the budget. They are concerned above all with having a newly built summer cottage which can function fully from day 1. IDdesign Project supplies exactly this, and offers individual solutions adapted to the client's wishes – and at a competitive price. Frifeldt can fully recommend IDdesign as a partner."

IDdesign Project – Business Department for ILVA.

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