Case studies / Huscompagniet

We are the chosen partner for furnishing and decorating HusCompagniet show homes in Denmark, Germany and Sweden, delivering exciting solutions for the company's showrooms. The projects are delivered customer-ready with furniture, artwork and all the finishing touches. Beds are made, lamps hung or assembled and spaces made to look inviting and appealing.

Art Director, Cand. Arch., Maja Wulff, HusCompagniet:

"We are in direct contact with the IDdesign Project employees tasked with fitting out our houses. This helps to ensure that we get the best out of our properties and achieve those elusive qualities of comfort and character. It's extremely important for me that delivery and assembly agreements are upheld – which they are. Our work always involves deadlines. I am happy to say that we are very satisfied with the IDdesign Project partnership."

IDdesign Project – Business Department for ILVA.

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