Case studies / Planet Huse

IDdesign Project has worked with Planet Huse for several years, with particular focus on Germany and Denmark. More than 1,000 holiday houses have to date been completely fitted out with furniture, lighting, beds, ornaments, curtains, tableware and electronics. The partnership with Planet Huse includes equipping holiday parks built by Planet.

We provide sales material with attractive images of furnishings packages and full specifications of every conceivable detail, so that Planet Huset customers can easily make their choice of interior style. We also sell individual packages to private customers through Planet. The collaboration between Planet and IDdesign Project ensures that every room is utilised to the full and the arrangement of televisions, sofas, lighting and sockets has been given careful consideration.

Naturally, we also manage the fitting out of all Planet's show homes in Denmark and Germany.

Torben Basse, CEO of Planet Huse:

"We have had a particularly positive partnership with IDdesign Project for many years. We now entrust them with the full furnishing of our holiday homes, mainly in Denmark and at our holiday parks in Germany; they have also undertaken projects for our houses in Ukraine. We chose IDdesign Project as a quality supplier. Our seven permanent show homes at Middelfart and Roskilde are of course also fitted out and equipped by IDdesign Project."

IDdesign Project – Business Department for ILVA.

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