Products / Furniture and accessories for the home

We can procure all items of furniture

At IDdesign Project, we specialise in furnishing all types of interiors, from holiday resorts and holiday homes to show homes, showrooms, offices and business premises. We are part of the LARS LARSEN GROUP, with sister companies including ILVA, JYSK, and SengeSpecialisten.

Our business range of furniture and accessories is the general basis from which we proceed, but we can procure other brands at the customer's request, from furniture to white goods.

We supply items to suit any design specification and quality, and have a particular passion for home accessories, including duvets, pillows, rugs, artwork, tableware and cutlery.

At IDdesign Project, we take pride in supplying all those little extras that lend the finishing touches to a project and make the difference between a bare residential or office location and an inviting, comfortable space.

IDdesign Project – Business Department for ILVA.

ILVA A/S is a part of the LARS LARSEN GROUP.