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We fit out offices to make them feel like your very own space

The furnishing of the work environment presents a challenging and important task: here, we place ambiance and ergonomics high on the list of priorities. We listen attentively to your wishes and can provide suggestions for solutions that are both functional and original. Everything is possible, from desks, office chairs and shelving to blinds and artwork.

At IDdesign Project we can combine a traditional office interior with comfortable furnishings that will set a more relaxed tone, while retaining a suitably professional appearance.

It is our aim to inject that bit of excitement into the office milieu. We undertake to equip new offices or to freshen up existing ones. And if your business requires a signature showroom, we will put our in-depth experience, along with our shoulders, to the task.

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IDdesign Project – Business Department for ILVA.

ILVA A/S is a part of the LARS LARSEN GROUP.